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Acknowledgements FY10

For the eighth consecutive year, SIECUS is pleased to publish the SIECUS State Profiles. This year’s edition continues our tradition of “following the money;” however, for the first time, the SIECUS State Profiles track not only federal abstinence-only-until-marriage funding but also federal funding for more comprehensive approaches to sex education, detailing funding streams, grantees, and funded programs.This year, we also continue to identify examples of model programs, policies, and best practices being implemented in public schools across the country that provide more comprehensive approaches to sex education in schools.The Fiscal Year 2010 Edition undertakes the enormous task of a creating a portrait of comprehensive sexuality education and abstinence-only-until-marriage programs happening across the country and provides an unparalleled amount of information and includes profiles for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the other U.S. territories.
Since publication of the first SIECUS State Profiles, it has remained the premiere tool for informed and empowered advocacy efforts for comprehensive sexuality education. The profiles are used by national, state, and community advocates; by parents, educators, faith communities, policymakers and their staff; and by media outlets across the country. Most importantly, the SIECUS State Profiles are being used to pave the way for more comprehensive approaches to sexuality education: setting the record straight on how federal funding is being utilized and what is being taught across the country: and providing the information advocates need to continue to learn from, and strategize with, each other, building off of best practices and models of success.
The principal researcher and author of this year’s edition is Morgan Marshall, SIECUS’ state policy coordinator. Once again, Morgan has tackled this mammoth project with tireless dedication and keen insight, while at the same time ensuring that state partners from coast to coast are provided with the technical assistance and advocacy strategy they need to move sexuality education efforts forward. Her diligence and ingenuity come through on every page.
Thanks are also due to many members of the SIECUS family for lending a hand on this publication. Sarah Grigsby-Reiser, SIECUS’ public policy fellow, not only assisted in the research and drafting of the publication, but also played an invaluable role in ensuring this edition made it through the home stretch and was released on time; Martha Kempner, sexual health consultant and long-time SIECUS collaborator, deserves enormous thanks for her editing and word-smithing abilities, as well as her continued dedication to this publication; and Kurt Conklin, SIECUS’ school health project coordinator, who proved again that, as we find the profiles increasingly detailing the nexus between policy and education, we could not have produced this policy publication without the support and assistance of our education team. And no not-for-profit agency would be nearly as successful were it not for the valuable contributions of its interns. To this end, we want to thank Valerie DiPonio whose profuse writing abilities, diligence, and commitment contributed immensely to this edition; Megan Nemlich and Abby Grossblatt whose research and input helped to make these profiles unique; and, Kathryn Radtke and Bridget Joyce who came in at the tail end to help put the finishing touches on this year’s edition.
Perhaps most importantly, we need to thank our many state partners who work with us each year to make certain this publication provides the most accurate and up-to-date picture possible. The result is a publication that represents real collaboration that benefits all of our efforts. As always, it is our great pleasure to work with these dedicated organizations and professionals. Thanks are also due to the Guttmacher Institute and the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) for their research on sexuality education laws and policies and to Advocates for Youth and ETR Associates for their research on evidence-based curricula, all of which was consulted during the drafting of this publication.
Finally, we need to thank SIECUS’ many donors who support our work and believe in the importance of advocacy that is firmly entrenched in research and evidence.In particular, the following foundations have supported SIECUS’ public policy and advocacy efforts over the past year: Anonymous Foundation, The Brico Fund, The Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, The Educational Foundation of America, and the WestWind Foundation.
Monica Rodriguez                                                         Jennifer Heitel Yakush
President and CEO                                                       Director of Public Policy
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