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Americans are bombarded every day with information about sexuality.  Unfortunately, much of it is inaccurate, misleading and exploitative. SIECUS publishes and distributes the best information about sexuality for professionals, parents, and the public. You can download at no cost all SIECUS publications that are linked on our Web site. Hard copies of some SIECUS publications may be purchased by emailing

Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Kindergarten–12th Grade
The Guidelines, developed by a national task force of experts in the fields of adolescent development, health care, and education, provide a framework of the key concepts topics, and messages that all sexuality education programs would ideally include.
A "how to" handbook for educators, providers, policy makers and activist that provides a step by step outline to develop guidelines for comprehensive sexuality education programs. The handbook includes the components of comprehensive sexuality education; the steps and processes involved in developing a guidelines project; suggestions for using the guidelines; suggestions for distribution and advocacy; suggestions for coalition building; and resources. (2000). 
The SIECUS Report was published from 1972-2005 and contains 33 volumes of scholarly articles, opinion pieces, and other works in the field of sexuality information and education.  For the first time, we are pleased to be able to make all 33 volumes available to the public online in PDF form.
A teacher’s manual on eight hard-to-teach topics in sexuality education-abstinence, condom use, diversity, pregnancy options, safer sex, sexual behavior, sexual identity and orientation, and sexuality and society. (1998).
Is intended to guide parents and caregivers, policymakers, public agencies, and educators in their quest for high-quality parent-child communication programs (2002).
A guide for youth serving organizations. It is designed to help youth development professionals recognize the need to address sexuality with young people, understand how sexuality education and youth development can complement each other, and determine ways in which youth development programs can begin to incorporate this important topic. (2004) 
A framework to help child care centers and preschools address age-appropriate sexuality issues. (1995) 
Talk About Sex provides young people with basic information about a range of sexuality topics as well as referrals to reputable websites for more information. More than a brochure, but less than a book, SIECUS' new "minibook" includes "chapters" entitled: What is Sexuality; Sexual Rights; Basic Biology; Staying Healthy; Gender Identity; Sexual Orientation; Relationships; Communication Skills; Choosing What to Do; Sexual Behavior; Sexual Response; Sexual Abuse; Birth Control; STDs/HIV; and Find Out More. (2005) 
Physical, cognitive, and emotional disabilities are a major interest for sexuality educators.  This bibliography provides websites, curricula, and books for both educators and learners.
Educating about sexuality throughout the life cycle has always been central to the SIECUS mission.  This bibliography includes curricula, websites, and books for educators and learners to understand and value sexual expression at every age.
Textbook Suggestions
University course instructors frequently seek suggestions for texts to assign in undergraduate human sexuality courses. SIECUS has gathered the following list of possibilities from our colleagues in academic settings across the nation. 
National Coalition to Support Sexuality Education National Coalition to Support Sexuality Education