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In recent years there has been a proliferation of organizations—both in the United States and around the globe—that exist to limit individuals' access to sexual and reproductive health information, education, and services.  SIECUS believes that it is vital for advocates of sexual health and reproductive rights (SRHR) to stay up-to-date on the goals, thoughts, and activities of these organizations.  

To help advocates around the world, we monitor right-wing organizations and news sources. We then compile a bimonthly digest of articles on topics such as abortion, family planning, sexuality education, and sexual orientation and provide an overview and analysis of key issues emergent in that period. Several times a year we also issue special editions highlighting particular events or topics of note.

Our new International Right Wing Watch website allows advocates to read these editions in their entirety or search for individual articles by topic, country, and regions. Each digest contains our analysis of how opposition to SRHR is playing out across the world.

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