Six Step Guide to Calling Congress

6 Tips for Calling Congress

1. Call 202-224-3121 to be connected to your Senators and Representative. (Find your Senators and Representative using your ZIP code.)

2. Identify yourself: Share your name, city, and state. Make sure to say you're a constituent!

3. Share your message.

Here's an example of what to say to urge your Senator to reject the Graham-Cassidy bill:

"The latest ACA repeal attempt will leave millions without health care. If passed, this bill will slash funding for Medicaid and block access to preventive care like STI testing, cancer screenings, and contraception at Planned Parenthood. Passage of this bill would result in less coverage and higher costs for millions of people. The Graham-Cassidy bill is simply unacceptable. 

I urge Senator [Name] to oppose it!"

4. Thank the staffer for their time (and their office's support if indicated).

5. Repeat steps #1 through #4 with the remaining members of your congressional delegation.

6. Tell us how your calls went through this brief Congressional Calls Feedback Form.

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